GPS & Coaching

Guided Pictures in the Stone (GPS) is a shamanically-inspired process that takes you out of your head: getting you more in tune with your creative and intuitive side so that an 'issue', 'block' or 'problem' that you would like help with, can be mirrored in pictures found on a simple stone.

You can book a £111 face-to-face or distance session here.  

I love the creativity and simplicity in this process and the clarity and power it can bring everyone who experiences it is amazing. 

Watch this poem I wrote to find out more or read below. 

A more in-depth experience can be found with shamanic coaching which is a 3-4 session technique that helps you work through deeper issues. During these sessions spread across 4 months, I will teach you to journey to your spirit guides to get your own answers and then ‘coach’ you to find your meaning and answers.

Another poem to watch here that explains more about Shamanic Coaching and written below.

Guided Pictures in the Stone (GPS) poem

Hit a roadblock
Lost your way
Need more direction
Or just want to play
Try GPS to help you out
Whatever your distraction
It's the perfect way to go
From mind to intuition

Shamanic Coaching poem

More in-depth you go on your own journeys
Then I help you unpack your own unique discoveries
Intention, then journey specific to you
One session focus in, the next one undo
The third session we wrap up so all you have seen
Answers your issue and all in-between
It takes time and commitment but so worth it in the end
Take the skills and knowledge learnt and with awareness transcend.