Power Animal

As a shamanic practitioner, I communicate with my spirits when I am conducting a shamanic healing session. When I first journey to meet my spirits, my power animal is the first being I encounter who then helps me throughout my healing session. 

Shamans believe that everyone has a power animal and I believe that everyone would benefit from knowing their power animal. Not only is it a link to a person's power but also a reminder that we are part of the animal kingdom and have a responsibility to treat our planet and all that lives on it with respect.

My friend, my confidant, my guiding light
Through you, embodied spirit and essence take to flight
Help and guidance, you freely give
Mine to take, transformative
Soul to spirit, wisdom and power
Luck and gifts, me to empower
Connection to spirit, connection to earth
Connected to me, ensouled before birth
I carry with me, all space and all time
My power animal empowering, encompassed divine

Power animals can be any living creature and I find when I bring someone their power animal they come with a message or healing for that person. It is then important to honour that power animal as you would a friend and recognise them when you are in need of help so that they can assist and give power and comfort. Also by honouring the power animal the connection with it deepens and so too your connection to yourself, your soul and the earth on which you live.

If you would like to find out more about my work please get in touch. I can do power animal retrievals without you present. I have also written and performed a Power Animal poem on YouTube which you can see here and read it below.