Shamanic Healing


I offer 1-to-1 sessions as a Shamanic Practitioner at various times during the week. There are various shamanic techniques that I can use to help with a variety of problems or conditions such as power animal retrieval.

I also offer shamanic coaching which is a 3-5 session technique that helps you work through deeper issues. A worthwhile way to experience the power of shamanic guidance is to attend what I call a 'Guided Pictures in the Stone (GPS)' session which helps you navigate through a place where you may feel stuck or blocked in some way.

All these techniques are designed to empower you through life changes whatever they may be. After a session, you will feel empower and more yourself.

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is an ancient spiritual practice.  Throughout the world, shamanic techniques are still used to maintain a balance between humans and nature.  Lack of balance can often manifest as illness whether mental, physical, emotional or spiritual. 

Shamans can help restore this balance with the help of their spirit guides either through shamanic healing or shamanic guidance (also called shamanic "counselling").

Read more about the history and the way shamans work here in an article written by Jonathan Horwitz and Annette Host of the Scandinavian Centre for Shamanic Studies.  Their website is full of interesting and informative articles.  

My training

I have been practising shamanism since 2010 having done the majority of my training with Jane and Christine of Cader Idris Centre for Shamanic Studies. I am now a member of the Core Shamanic Practitioners Circle and run a private drumming group which helps me keep my skills up-to-date. I also regularly attend training as continued professional development. 

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